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Healing Hands Clinic of Natural Therapies also offers Physical Therapy and Corrective Exercise specialists providing a wide range of treatment options. 

Maintaining the clinics belief that the body should be treated as a whole, not as separate parts, we take a functional approach to physical therapy. After a full evaluation of a patient’s strengths, weaknesses, imbalances and functional abilities a specific rehabilitation program is created.

We believe that rehabilitation should begin at its most elementary level and build the body up from there! You would never build a house on unstable soil, nor would you assemble a car on a weak frame! This holds true for the body as well! The small core stabilizing muscles adjacent to the spine, as well as the abdominal and pelvic girdle need to be strengthened and conditioned first. Once the foundation (the body’s core) is strong you can build the house (the larger muscles). As previously stated this is done with a functional approach. The initial examination assesses what muscles groups are working well together (specific firing patterns) and which muscles are firing out of order. The physical therapy at our clinic directly works to improve or correct firing patterns of the muscles to optimize the body’s stability, strength and performance.

Call Healing Hands Clinic of Natural Therapies in Salem, Oregon for your next massage or physical therapy treatment, and remember what it was like to live your life pain free! 


Fascinated by the human body from an early age, Helén knew early during her childhood in Sweden that she wanted to pursue a career in the healthcare field. After obtaining a nursing degree from Bohuslän’s Vårdhögsskola in 1985, she went on to become a physical therapist, intrigued by the body’s amazing ability to heal itself under the application of proper guidance. Helén received her degree in Physical Therapy from University of Göteborg, Sweden in 1988.

In 1989 Helén relocated to Portland and worked at Oregon Health Sciences University Hospital in neurosurgery, outpatient orthopedics and sports medicine, prior to moving to Salem, where she has spent the last 21 years working with outpatient orthopedics and TMD patients.

In 1999, Helén started her specialization in the field of TMJ and has since then become the TMD specialist in the area, in addition to working with the general orthopedic patient population. Her continuing education includes numerous studies in orthopedics, sports medicine, spinal

stabilization, medical exercise therapy, TMJ dysfunction and post-op treatment, McKenzie therapy, weight training, posture correction, yoga, and stress related disorders.


When Helén is not working, she enjoys spending time with her husband and two children. After many years of coaching soccer at the youth level, she can often be found in the stands of the soccer fields throughout Oregon, watching the game she and her family loves. She also enjoys hiking, snow-skiing, camping, water-skiing, cooking, nutrition, yoga, and anything that lets her partake in the beauty of our state and its many outdoor adventures.

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